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Company Information

All products meet the strict quality control
and management of Daeyang

Daeyang Electric Supply Inc. provides our customers with all the products manufactured by Daeyang Electric Industry Inc. and Daeyang Instrument Inc. according to their specific requests in a timely manner, covering a comprehensive set of equipment for ships along with the nationwide agencies of LG Cable.
In addition, we engage in sales and marketing of small and mid-sized shipbuilders and rapidly provide spare parts of operating ships as well as overall equipment for land and marine plants by maintaining a proper amount of inventories.

All of our employees are ready to providing our customers with top notch quality and technology and serving with humbleness in a timely manner.

- Employees of Daeyang Electric Supply Inc. -

Company Information
Company Information
Foundation Date 1989.01
Address 233, Dusong-ro, Saha-gu, Busna, Korea
TEL 82-51-414-9937
FAX 82-51-414-9940
Business Field Sale the products of Daeyang, LG Cable and Samsung LED